Sell My House Cleaning Service

Attention Homeowners:
If you’re selling your home, we can help you keep it perfectly ready to show. Schedule a Spring Cleaning, and then we will maintain the house with a series of scheduled light cleanings and inspections while it’s on the market. We will be an important part of the team you’ve hired to promote the sale of your home.  And a clean home will always fare better when a Home Inspector does a walk through for a mortgage.

This is an “on-the-market service” where we inspect the condition of your property while it is being shown. Then we do light services to make it look its very best, including:

  • remove any dead bugs, cobwebs and dust
  • discard any newspapers or junk mail
  • store or discard paperwork or business cards left behind by visiting real estate agents
  • sweep up any dirt or debris that collects in the home
  • sweep the front porch

This service can be further customized if you wish.  We can turn off lights, set the thermostat where you want it and do other light services you may need.  We can also notify you or your realtor if there are any issues that should be addressed.

Homeowners, call us for a free, customized estimate.  Realtors, contact us – we can perform this service for your listings. Get in touch to discuss a package service for your multiple listings.