Why Pearl Cleaning?

Pearl Cleaning Service is a professional, local cleaning service you can trust in your home. A woman-owned small business, Pearl Cleaning is owned and operated by Ildiko Koppus – a Sarasota, Florida resident.  Learn more about Ildi, the owner.

Our company is dependable, consistent and trustworthy.  We are licensed, bonded and insured.  Pearl Cleaning LLC is also a member of the Siesta Key Chamber of Commerce.  When you hire us, we are the employer – so you are relieved of the complications associated with hiring and pre-screening an individual housekeeper.a professional cleaning service

Making the decision to hire domestic help is an important one.  You are entrusting your health and the safety of your home to someone you do not know, and the decision should be based on a thorough interview and references, not simply on price.

Here are some things to consider as you select a professional who will be in your home.

The first question most people ask is: Should I hire a company or an individual?  Five important points to consider when you decide are:

  • Who is the employer?  Although an individual may appear to be less expensive initially, you should know that hiring an individual housekeeper makes you the employer – and with that, there are very specific legal obligations.  That individual you hire may not be filing the required paperwork and paying the required tax, social security and unemployment payments.  That means you may be liable for them.
  • What does a professional company offer?  In addition to relieving you of the status as employer, the company will handle all of the necessary paperwork and taxes.  Also, a professional cleaning service will be licensed, bonded and insured. This protects you in case a worker is injured in your home or office – and any damage to your possessions will be covered by their insurance as well.
  • Who screens and trains the person cleaning your home?  A reputable cleaning company will interview, complete background checks and train the people who enter your home.  If you are opening your house to others, don’t you want to know that they have been thoroughly vetted?
  • Who cleans my home if the individual housekeeper has a family emergency or is sick?  A professional company will have back-up cleaners available so your home is always kept clean on schedule.
  • Does this company have references?  A professional company should be able to provide good references and testimonials about their work ethic.  Call references and ask questions about reliability and quality.

Selecting a professional company as opposed to an individual domestic worker is the easiest and safest choice.  According to the American Bar Association:

“A Safer Alternative…
You can hire almost any type of domestic worker through a licensed agency. A reputable agency will provide workers who are bonded and insured, and the agency will have both reviewed the immigration paperwork and performed background and reference checks on the workers.

These employees may be covered by workers’ compensation insurance through the agency, which would remove most financial concerns of any on-the-job injuries. Although it may be a little more expensive to use an agency, doing so can provide much greater peace of mind.”

If you choose an individual, make certain that  you are prepared to do all that is necessary in this state to be an employer.  Suggested reading:  New Hire Reporting in Florida – see question 7.